The pièce de résistance of Pacific Blue's services is their 'FREE TRADE WAREHOUSING ZONE (FTWZ) Facility’ & ‘Break Bulk Facility’, that facilitates safe, damage-free delivery of shipments. Here are the wide range of services that we offer...

Air Freight

Pacific Blue is equipped with an extensive networking system, being connected with every major international airport and hubs across the world to execute dispatch of shipments & cargos within the expected time frame. These tie - ups with overseas agencies reduces time consumption involved in the cargo movements from one location to another, irrespective of the sizes. Air Freight Services offered:

Global Consolidation services | Doorstep Pickups | Export Clearance at origin country | Letter of Credit Process | Door to Door Service | DGR | Odd Dimension Cargo | Express Tracking | Insurance | Temperature control Cargo | Track & Trace

Ocean Freight

Pacific Blue manifests enormous skill and expertise in dealing with both general and specialized shipments to over 500 ports around the world. Our authorized agencies handle cargos on both sides of the ocean, ensuring secure, efficient and cost-effective delivery which in turn ensures that we deliver expectations and keep the client satisfied.
Ocean Freight Services offered:

Multi model Transportation | Special Equipments | Over Dimension Cargo
| L/C Process | Door to Door Services | DGR | Insurance | FCL/LCL | Low cost charges at the port | Track and Trace

4PL & 3PL

Pacific Blue also specializes in third party (3PL) or fourth party (4PL) logistic services enabling its clients to have one stop solutions to all their shipments- related needs.

Project Cargo

This is a specialized service created by Pacific Blue for handling national as well as international transportation of large, heavy, high value or critical pieces of equipment. Generally referred to as ‘heavy lifts’, these constitute shipments made from various components which need disassembling before being shipped across, and reassembling post delivery.

Third Country Exports

Being associated with, and having a reliable network of agencies across the globe facilitates Pacific Blue to provide end to end solutions for crosscountry shipments around the globe.

Break Bulk

Pacific Blue deals with specialized ‘Break Bulk’ vessels which have the compatibility to manage the heaviest of the cargos safely, and are quicker than the dockside cranes. This speeds up the process of loading/unloading thereby reducing the costs of shipments.


Each Client is special and important to Pacific Blue and so are their shipments. This is why it has what is called the ‘Free Trade & Warehousing Zone (FTWZ)’, one of the key services offered, under which the Clients are provided a variety of facilities like;

Customized & categorized warehouses chemicals, food, electronics, oil, etc. Sophisticated freezer / cooler facilities | Break bulk, containerized and dry cargo storage facilities | Controlled humidity warehouses | Enhanced transportation facilities | Office space | World-class information system for cargo tracking etc. | Support facilities and amenities like medical facility, canteen services, business centers


At Pacific Blue the Warehousing & Distribution Pattern adopted is excellently designed, owing to possession of complete knowledge about the worldwide Imports & Export Policies. These enhanced warehousing systems allow the company to provide customized stock reports & MIS reports to the clients. The related factors in this area that Pacific Blue is significantly well versed with and aware of are:

Inventory Management | Repacking | Sub Assembly | Kitting | Reverse Logistics

Custom Clearance

On a global scale, Pacific Blue conducts professionally managed Custom Clearance Methods for both import and export shipments at all major air and sea ports. This flexibility in services helps in saving avoidable costs & valuable time of our clients. Services that are included under custom clearance policy are enlisted as follows:

Thorough Documentation | Proper consignment examining | Import shipments clearance at arrival ports | Port Handling | Bonded Warehouses | availability throughout